These additional items may be used with The Batsub to maximize your battery-subbing experience.
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Core Spacers (21 pieces)

​Some battery compartments are configured to hold multiple batteries in a straight line. These Core Spacers can extend the length of the TooL for all common battery sizes: D, C, AA, AAA. When used with the TooL, the total can be extended up to the length of 3 D batteries.

Available online only.



The TooL is Batsub's main adapter. ​The TooL's  ClipWire is included in this selection. You'll also like the clear tube case with hanging cap (for your toolshop), which is included as well.

The combination of the TooL and a Universal Power Adapter - sold separately (see below) is all you need to start substituting batteries.

$9.88 (MSRP: $19.99)


TooL -

This kit contains:
1. The TooL (Batsub's main adapter)
2. One clear Tube Holder for the TooL 
3. One ClipWire (attached to DC-Plug)
4. One Zipper Pouch to hold the TooL-Kit 
5. One Universal Power Adapter - U.P.A. 
​     (a $15 value by itself) 
​      (Note: The U.P.A. is made by HOSA Tech.) 

This Batsub TooL Kit  contains everything you need to start substituting batteries right out of the box! 

$24.88 (MSRP: $39.99)

Universal Power Adapter

For our customers' convenience, Batsub is offering the HOSA brand Universal Power Adapter (U.P.A.). We highly recommend this power supply for volts 3 through 12. 

Also available in stores, or search and order it online.
Keywords: HOSA ACD-477 U.P.A.

$14.88 (MSRP: $26.55)

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WARNING: Be sure to test other brands of a U.P.A. for proper functioning as some may not provide correct voltage, regulated voltage, short-circuit protection, etc.

For more info about the Universal Power Adapter (U.P.A.), see also our FAQ page.

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Barbell Spacers (11 pieces)

​This selection contains 7 Core Spacers, 2 "C" Spacers, and 2 "D" Spacers. This set of Spacers (barbell-shaped) is used to extend the TooL's length while maintaining higher stability with regards to width (diameter).

Available online only.