4. What if my home has a power failure?

The Universal Power Adapter (U.P.A.) which works in tandem with the Batsub TooL could be plugged into many portable power supplies, whether you are on travel, at home during a power failure, or off the grid elsewhere. 

Here are a couple of portable power supplies which we recommend:

2. What is a ClipWire? 

The ClipWire connects the Batsub TooL to the UPA (see FAQ # 1 above). The ClipWire is included with each Batsub TooL. 

The ClipWire has the following specifications:
- DC-Plug (Female type)
- Outer and Inner Dimensions: 5.5mm x 2.1mm, or size "M"
- Matches with blue-colored ring tip of UPA's DC-Plug (Male type)
- Two alligator-type Clips (red for positive and black for negative)

3. Does Batsub recommend any brand of UPA?

Yes, we recommend the following:
1. For Home and AC oulets:  HOSA Technology, Model number ACD-477
2. For Automotive 12V outlet:  (see below)

Note: All UPA's are made by independent manufacturers which are separate entities from the Batsub maker. The Batsub company does not manufacture any Universal Power Adapter. Select Batsub kits may include a UPA to convenience our customers. Please be sure to read and follow the instructions that come with your power adapter for its proper use.


1. What is a Universal Power Adapter (U.P.A.)? 

A Universal AC-DC Power Adapter (UPA, for short) is an adapter which plugs into a wall outlet and has a selector for variable voltage. A UPA also has multiple plug-tips which are changeable to accommodate one of many common sizes. 

Here is an example of a UPA, with detachable-exchangeable tips (left). The UPA is attached to the Batsub TooL (middle). The UPA plugs into an outlet (right).

5. What ACCESSORIES may work with The Batsub?

Using these items may greatly expand your Batsub experience!
By clicking on the items below, you will be directed to outside websites for more information.


U.P.A. with volts from 1.5 to 12 and 300mA

U.P.A. with volts from 3 to 8.4 and 2500mA – This U.P.A. has more amps than many on the market (amp is analogous to an automobile’s torque)

U.P.A. with Automotive 12V Plug (Universal -- with 1.5 to 12 volts)


1.5 Volt Adapter (pending) (see also above)

5 Volt USB Adapter (recommended for small decorative lights only)


Portable Power Unit

Power Generator

Solar Power Unit


ClipWire / ClipWire (Alligator Clips wired to a DC Plug, sized 5.5mm x 2.1mm)

9-Volt Clip Attachment

Mini Pliers (helps loosen Core spacers)

Plug Adapter for 110v to 220v - USA to European (compatible with HOSA UPA)

Batsub Pendant, featuring the "b" Logo

NOTE: The items in this section are made and sold by independent vendors not affiliated with The Batsub. These items are generally suggested for your information, but requires you to fully evaluate their products for yourself. The Batsub shall not be responsible in any manner whatsoever for any consequence that may arise from use of the items in this section.

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