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The Batsub TooL is the only universal battery-substituting adapter on the market. It was designed to be simple to learn and use, so that many non-technical people may use it. For decades, people who have studied electronics have benefitted from battery-substituting (converting battery-driven devices into wall outlet plug-in's). With the Batsub, we truly aim for people like YOU to reap these same benefits.

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  • "Very cool" -Tech Specx, California, USA
  • "Very interesting design and a clever product" -Customer in FRANCE
  • "Clever... battery substitute adapter" - Customer in Rhode Island. USA 
  • "Wonderful product" -Customer in Arizona, USA
  • "I'm an original backer" -A Repeat Customer in NORWAY
  • "Very impressed with this invention!!" -Trade Show Blogger, Virginia, USA
  • "Nice job" -Professional Inventor, Virginia, USA
  • "This is a sure win" -Forum admirer
  • "Works great" -Customer in CANADA