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The Batsub TooL

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Why Substitute Batteries with The Batsub?

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Universal fit

​for battery sizes
and more

The Batsub TooL
powers a battery-only device
with wall-outlet electricity

(DC to AC conversion)

  1. Convert Battery-Operated into AC Outlet Plug-In
  2. Universal Fit (D, C, AA, AAA, and more)
  3. No Modification Needed With Your Devices
  4. Quick Insertion/Removal
  5. Alternative Power, Back-Up or Standby
  6. Temporary or Semi-Permanent Substitute
  7. Compact and Portable
  8. Modular Design for Customization
  9. Affordably priced
  10. Help your Battery Management System
  11. Save Money on Batteries
  12. Never Change Batteries
  13. Save Time Buying or Looking for Batteries
  14. Reduce Stockpiling Batteries in Storage
  15. No Expiration Date
  16. No Leaked Battery Damage in Devices
  17. Reduce Landfills & Environmental Harm
  18. No Battery Recycling Needed